APANI Milk Powder

Milk is the first and only food, which both humans and mammals consume after birth in their first months of life. This completely natural diet was developed and perfected over millions of years of evolution. Because of the milk’s many healthy ingredients mankind operates diary farming since nearly 7000 years and brought this food provided by nature on the daily menu. With our APANI® Milk we perfected this natural product even more.
APANI® Milk arises therefore in a very special environment: the Swiss mountains. Only in a natural environment such as the Swiss mountains, the animals have the peace and strength to produce superior milk that will meet our requirements in a natural product. Only in this environment our cows can live healthy and produce this high quality product – our APANI milk.

So we can not only guarantee numerous and essential ingredients but also the APANI® - factor: purity and naturalness. There is something else very important to us: to ensure that you can enjoy our APANI® Milk even after several weeks. That’s why we produced our high end premium milk powder - in a smooth production process keeping all the valuable ingredients of our natural product. APANI® - As pure as nature intended.