Without function there‘s nothing

The world around us is constantly changing. There‘s nothing new in this. Changes in climate and environment have been a feature of life on earth right from the start. Nature has always founds its own answers to these constant changes: evolution. Over millions of years, every species has learned to adapt and develop its own solutions to different conditions and new environments. Over time these adaptations have been perfected and passed on down through the generations. As a result nature has found complex solutions that perfectly match the requirements of different environments and conditions.

Today we live in a world with a rich diversity of species, where even the most inhospitable environments are populated. All thanks to the creativity of nature. Take the feather for example. It protects birds from the rain and cold, camouflages and enables them to fly. The perfect design for life in the air. Nature’s own solution and a great inspiration. This is our starting point at APANI®: combining natural materials and their bionic functions with patented revolutionary technology. This enables us to develop unique functional textiles from the finest natural materials. Making new levels of comfort possible.


Apani® Catalogue

The APANI® clothing catalogue.


Wool alone is not smart

Wool cannot cope with sweat. It soaks up sweat and becomes heavy and unpleasant to wear. Sheep don’t sweat. People do. APANI® makes wool intelligent, by integrating extra functionality. Patented machines are used to knit a three-dimensional fabric from Merino wool. Sweat gets processed. APANI® makes clothing that is fully functional.


Elegance through simplicity

An icy wind blasts over the cornice. The climber has to fight his way up the mountain; step by step. Beads of rain run off down his grey jacket. Loden jackets have accompanied many a first ascent. Their durability and waterproofing made them a compulsory piece of equipment.