Pan de Higo

Pan de Higo is a fig bread. This bread is produced by a small family-owned company South-West of Valencia. For generations, great value has been put on the high quality of the ingredients and the baker's craft. The Pajarero figs used come from the South of Spain, where they grow and ripen under the best conditions. After their harvest, they are sun-dried and then sorted. The Pajarero figs are characterised by their intense scent, natural sweetness, small seeds and thin skin. The bread is harmoniously supplemented by the Spanish Marcona almonds. These rather small, round almonds grow between Tarragona and Malaga. They are an old type with low yield and slow growth. It enchants with its full and sweet taste with hints of milk, rose and a hint of blackberry. The unique ingredients and careful production make Pan de Higo an ideal companion for cheese.