As pure as
nature intended®


The way of life

APANI® is a brand, APANI® is a value system. Sustainability of products and of material sourcing is a primary

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Without function there‘s nothing

This is our starting point at APANI®: combining natural materials and their bionic functions with patented revolutionary technology


Produced in purity

Made from 100% organic vines in the hills of Lake Garda


The peak of flavour

As pure as nature intended®

Venues of value

Apani® Residences

Places where you can enjoy life intense and pure, and scarce. Therefore APANI® creates them anew.


A genuine culinary experience

A unique restaurant where you can be part of a genuine culinary experience, prepared with joy and creativity.


The power of Alpine flowers

Experience the wonderful world of the Alpine flowers which grow wild on the barren slopes of the highest Alpine peaks.